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email tracking

Email tracking by FollowMail

Do you need to know if, and when, an email you sent was read, for how long, and by whom?

Existing read-receipt systems are unreliable and provide very little information. FollowMail addresses this issue with reliable read confirmations containing detailed information such as the reader's IP, domain, approximate location, sent and open time, and an encoded key that irrefutably certifies the read receipt, if needed.

IS IT EASY TO USE? Absolutely! Simply create a free account and start tracking emails right away ... more

IS IT INVISIBLE? It's up to you. By default FollowMail is entirely invisible, however you can choose to change this ... more

IS IT CONFIDENTIAL? Absolutely. The program is entirely automated with no human intervention watsoever. It guarantees the complete confidentiality of all emails you send.

CURIOUS ? Try it now ! Creating an account is free, it takes about 30 seconds, and you can start tracking emails immediately.

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